1:1 Training

Contact For Pricing
  • Top Level Coaching
  • Fully Indoor Training Environment
  • Develop sessions for each player
  • Technical Training Plans

Toca Training

$65 / Per Month
  • 500 Touches
  • Toca Machine
  • 4 Sessions Per Month
  • Additional Training Equipment
  • Basic Instruction

Group Training

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  • Work With Like Minded Players
  • Motivation to take the next step
  • Support from top level coaching
  • 500 Touches Per Session
  • Economical Pricing

Hyper Elite Juniors

15 Per Session
  • 2011-2013 Boys and Girls
  • 5:30-6:30 Friday Evenings
  • Each session is fully indoors
  • Experienced Nationally licensed coaches

Hyper Elite Juniors 

This is a program devoted to our youngest players. Player development begins here, with an emphasis on players becoming familiar with the ball.  Encouraging players to become ‘comfortable’ on the ball will start with foot skills and learning how to utilize different types of touches to manipulate the ball.  Our technical program will also focus on passing technique and control. 

Players will be put in fun and engaging activities that will create the necessary repetitions they will need to develop ‘good habits’ with the techniques they are learning.  Game play is a huge part of creating a FUN learning environment for players at this age.  The Hyper Elite center is a fantastic space to utilize for small-sided games and activities, which is central to helping this age learn through experience.  Simple tactical ideas may also be introduced to help guide players with their understanding. Our goal in this program is to equip these young players with a solid skill set and encourage them to use those skills during game play, creating the necessary building blocks for their future in the game.

Hyper Elite Juniors hopes to provide young players with a safe and positive environment that allows for a ‘growth mindset.’ The curriculum will be age appropriate and encourage young players to challenge themselves, learn through their mistakes, and build confidence through their successes. 

9030 Crump Rd Pineville, NC 28173